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About Us

Course Instructor

Abdul Samad Klasan
SEO Expert Traffic Pilot Strategist

I am providing my services as CEO at OneBlogging.Com, a site to teach unique and unseen ways of Blogging.

Being affiliated with the field of Mass communication, I have vast experience in the field of content, leads generation, monetization, promotion, and Traffic generation to a website.

Through my Traffic Pilot Strategies and tactics, you will be able to generate instant Human Traffic (Genuine users) to your blog/site. I will try my best to enable you to generate Kitchen money in less time so you can play your constructive role towards the flourishing and progressing Pakistan.

Course Instructor

Rehan Arqam
Ai Content Expert

I am a passionate student of MS Artificial Intelligence at FAST NUCES Islamabad Campus. I am keen at implementing my profound knowledge in blogging practices.

I have 4 year experience in teaching as Senior Subject Specialist in Computer Science in the Government sector High School. I have also worked as Database designer in a project in Islamabad Secretariat.

Currently, I am providing my services in South Punjab Secretariat, Multan. I am working on many sites. I have several years of Blogging experience and now I want to shift my knowledge and expertise to students online. I will give you different blogging tips and tricks. Stay blessed and progressing!